Quality, Health, Safety & Environment

PT Pelayaran Tamarin Samudra Tbk is committed to providing the safest environment for our operation to prevent accidents. The safety of our team is non-negotiable as we take extra efforts to provide a workplace that is out of danger. We provide our employees with the utmost training so they are capable and aware of what may be presented on the job and the correct wat to handle situations whre they arise. We strive for a zero accident rate and ensure our employees are out of harm's way. Our policy listed below includes tha main points our company lives by.

Health, Safety and Environment Policy:

  • HSE reporting system and procedures.
  • The synergy between operational activities related to HSE must be created by all work teams.
  • Carry out pre-employment health checks as well as conduct routine medical examinations.
  • All work equipment must be checked periodically to measure possible potential risks.
  • All employees must be covered by insurance.
  • Maintain high-quality training for employees.
  • Maintain regular training on evacuation and emergency situations both at the office and on site.
  • Safety is Our Main Concern and Responsibility.