Corporate Secretary

The corporate secretary is an individual or person in charge of a work unit that carries out the corporate secretary function and must be owned by a public company. The corporate secretary is appointed and dismissed based on the decision of the board of directors. The Corporate Secretary is the liaison of the company with the Financial Services Authority (OJK), investors, analysts and the public, who are responsible for ensuring the company's compliance with applicable regulations and the principles of good corporate governance.

The Corporate Secretary has duties and responsibilities including the following:

  • Following the development of the Capital Market, in particular the regulations applicable in the Capital Market;
  • Provide input to the Board of Directors and the Board of Commissioners of the Company to comply with the provisions of laws and regulations in the Capital Market;
  • Assisting the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners in implementing corporate governance which includes:
    • Information disclosure to the public, including the availability of information on the Company's website;
    • Reporting to OJK on time;
    • Organizing and documentation of meetings of directors and / or board of commissioners;
    • Implementation of an orientation program for companies for directors and / or board of commissioners.
  • As a liaison between the issuer or public company with the Company's shareholders, OJK and other stakeholders.


Corporate Secretary’s Address:

Jl. Alaydrus No. 78 C
Petojo Utara, Gambir, Jakarta 10130
Phone : +6221-6342275
Fax      : +6221-6335557
e-mail :